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Add Link In Instagram Stories No Matter What Account You Have!

Get more views to your links with this neat trick.

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When you ask people to list their most used or their favorite apps, they will most definitely mention Instagram. Instagram is a very popular application and has amassed millions of users over the year. The reason the app has remained so popular and has such a dedicated user base is because they constantly innovate and ensure that they roll out new and great features for their users. This makes them incredibly popular amongst their user base. Chances are you already use Instagram avidly; either that or you are just getting started on the social media medium. Whatever your Instagram experience may be, you should equip with yourself with the thorough knowledge of all the features this app provides users with.

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Initially Instagram allowed users only to post pictures and then added the option to post videos as well. Now the application has so many new features and additions that it has given users a wide range of possibilities to enact. This is what makes Instagram so great; they make sure the features they put out are something their users will not only enjoy but also make ample use of. The Instagram application has stood the test of time. While multiple applications have come and gone, Instagram has remained as one of the top most used app for a lot of people. Instagram added the stories feature to its application which became very popular. They borrowed the idea from Snapchat where the story added to a person’s Instagram profile lasts only for 24 hours after which it expires. The Instagram stories feature is one of the most popular features on the social media application now.

This story is seen by those who follow you or visit your Instagram profile. Instagram stories now have a lot of cool features which you can use to make your Instagram story more watchable and fun for those viewing it. Ever since Instagram changed the algorithm of their feeds from chronological to the one which is most relevant, it has become very difficult to ensure that your posts will appear and be seen by those who are using Instagram. But this problem does not exist with and to has to some extent been tackled by Instagram stories.

However, since Instagram stories are added for 24 hours only, they appear on the top of user’s Instagram feed and are usually seen by everyone who logs into their Instagram account and bothers to check the stories. Hence you do not have to worry about your Instagram story being lost in all of the other posts since they are always at the top of the page and usually the first thing people see on Instagram.

Different Ways to Add Link In Instagram Stories

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So it is no secret that Instagram has two different kinds of accounts which people can have; business or personal. Business accounts for people who are either running their businesses on Instagram or are using Instagram for their business to represent the business on the social media platform. And other than that there are personal Instagram accounts which people can have for themselves personally. There are two kinds of personal Instagram accounts; those which are verified and those of which are not. Verified Instagram accounts are those which are owned by people who have some sort of fame and hence need to have a verification next to their Instagram following so their followers know that they are the real deal and not a fake account or impersonator.

With the distinction made between these accounts, we need to inform you that to add link in Instagram stories you need to have either a verified Instagram account or a business account with over ten thousand followers. But worry not! We have a few tips for every kind of account so that everyone can benefit and can add link in Instagram stories with no problems at all!

1. Verified or Business Accounts

If you have a verified or a business account with over ten thousand followers, you can easily add link in Instagram stories with no problems at all. This will appear to viewers as an option to swipe up and go to the link you have added with ease. So how do you manage to add link in Instagram stories so your followers can merely swipe up to see what you want them to see.

It is incredibly easy. All you need to do is go to Instagram and find the add stories option on the top left side of your screen. Once you have the image or video which you want to post ready, look at the top of the screen to the icon of a link, click it and add the URL you want your viewers to be redirected to when they swipe up on your image or story in your Instagram story.

With that you are done and now know how to add link in Instagram stories! Now you can add links to your favorite online products, your website, an interesting article and much more!

2. Normal Accounts

The process to add link in Instagram stories for normal personal accounts is actually a little harder. This might make you angry since it does seem a little unfair. But according to reports, the feature to add link in Instagram stories will be rolled out for all accounts very soon since the application is currently only testing the feature right now. But you need not worry, we already have a way for you to add link in Instagram stories without having to wait for the developers to decide it’s time for everyone on Instagram to have the feature.

Again, we must remind you the process is a little bit longer but totally worth it! The first thing you need to do is go to a website where you can shorten a URL. Two of the most popular options are Bitly or, whichever website you decide to go with, they will definitely get the job done!

All you now need to do is go to these websites and add the long URL of the webpage of which you want to add link in Instagram stories and then shorten it so that you can easily add link in Instagram stories manually.

The benefit you get from using Bitly is that you can even customize the URL you have shortened so it is even easier for your viewers to recall and use. Usually with these websites the URL gets extremely short so it is one word long and your followers who view your story can easily type it into their browsers and then view the page you wanted to direct them to!

This might seem like a very long process but in the end it is worth it and lets you add link in Instagram stories. Hence till the feature is rolled out for all accounts to easily add link in Instagram stories, this will have to do.

What You Can Do With the Add Link in Instagram Stories Features

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A lot of people wonder what they can really do with this feature which is to add link in Instagram stories since they do not know how to use it to its maximum potential. If you are running a business, this feature is especially helpful. This is because you can add links to your products in your stories so users can go directly to the product and purchase it if they want to. This is a great way to get users to visit your website and increase traffic to your website as well. A lot of times people will like products they see on Instagram but never buy them because they either forgot or did not have time to search for the product and see where they could find it online. Hence, if they have the option to go to the product where it is being sold online immediately by merely swiping up, there is a big chance they will do this!

Other than that, if you have a verified account you can use the add link in Instagram stories feature for your benefit as well. If you have a personal website that you want to have more traffic on, you can add links to your website in your Instagram story.

Other than that, if there is an interesting article or basically webpage you came across which intrigued you and you want to share with your followers, you can easily add link in Instagram stories for the page so that your followers can enjoy what you saw and liked as well!

This add link in Instagram stories feature is incredibly helpful for people; especially businesses and more specifically small businesses. Since Instagram is a great place to advertise, you can manage to get a lot of people interested in your products and even if they do not end up buying the product, once they have visited your website there is a bigger chance of them even going to revisit the site again later on.

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