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If you are a fan of making videos or wish to adopt them as a hobby for your blog, then you must know that it is an expensive luxury venture. However, the good news is that it is possible to create videos that look pro without going bankrupt!

This article will discuss some of the top Free Video Production Tools that can generate professional-looking videos, including powerful features like video editing, visual effects, and even voiceovers for podcast templates. These tools allow you to add high-quality voice narration to your videos, giving them a polished and professional touch, all without breaking the bank.

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To be able to generate impeccable visual effects one has to make an investment by purchasing certain plug-ins or you have to have a lot of experience in order to do it like a pro however the Rampant Design Tools has launched a free of cost software that comes equipped with the attractive and drop options. You can put in rain, snow flakes, dirt, fireworks etc; all free of cost!

The free version is called which basically offers Quicktime files that have already been rendered so all you have to do is pick any of these files drag them and simply add onto your footage as a layer. You can then customize the color blend or use the transfer mode for advanced editing.

2.     Blender

Blender is basically a 3D animation platform which is open source and includes advanced power features and tools to stand at par with other expensive 3D video production tools.  Blender has all the features and tools that any of the other Free Video Production Tools have such as simulation effects, composites, rendering option, rigs etc. They even have options to edit videos or create games. Since Blender is open source, many users use it for Python to personalize the app and generate their own tools.


Stock image collection can be highly beneficial for all kinds of tasks whether it is to put a new background, perspective images, create a 3D environment or simply for the b-roll. When one is looking for a production that is on low cost then one must opt for the services of the famous free image website which has managed to make every customer happy since quiet some time especially when it rebranded itself to

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4.     Animoto

E\When time is a luxury that you don’t have and you need quality video production tools then you can easily reply on Animoto. On the Animoto website you will be able to select a theme, add your own clips or images and the software will then generate a good quality animation video in form of a slideshow-style. The software also has premium options but all the necessary tool can be used free of cost.

5.     Camtasia or Quicktime

Both Camtasia which is for Windows and Quicktime which is for Mac and Windows have the capability of making video of your computer display. They can generate a “how to” video or simply take a video shot of your screen time so that you can use it as a reminder tutorial to remember something you did in the past. Both of these software programs can easily record your on screen tasks.

6.     Magisto

Magisto is another one of the cool Free Video Production Tools that can make video making a less daunting task however it has its own parameters. You can upload a video clip and select pictures, place a theme and add background music and then Magisto will show its magic and will combine them into a classic masterpiece video. You must give Magisto a try.

7.     InVideo

InVideo lets you fast-forward through the tedious video editing process with pre-made templates adapted for any kind of video, from technology to sports to Instagram-ready posts. InVideo’s online video editor makes it easier to create these promotional GIFs from videos. InVideo takes care of this field. Once you know how to turn a video into a gif, you’re all set to yield the maximum result. The best part is that you don’t have to spend or purchase any premium in order to remove the watermark.

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