Use Instagram Zoom in Stories to Make Your Instagram Stories More Fun!

These neat little tricks will make your content more creative.

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Instagram was launched in 2010 and ever since then has been steadily rising in popularity. Even today, the social media application gets thousands of new users every single day. One of the reasons that Instagram has remained so popular over the years is that they have made sure the company changes with the times and keeps on innovating so users do not get bored and always have new features to test out to keep their interest. The form Instagram is in today, compared to the first version which was launched in 2010 is completely different.

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Initially, you could only post pictures on Instagram and they needed to be of certain dimensions to fit on the platform; if they were not they would be cropped off. Soon, however, the application began changing and adding new features. People could add videos, boomerangs, multiple pictures or videos in one post and much more.

And most popularly, Instagram introduced the option to add Instagram stories which is a feature which works on the principles which are fairly similar to Snapchat. This means that users can add pictures or videos to their profile which disappear in 24 hours. But if the user chooses, the latest feature added to Instagram lets people archive and save the story to their profile. This means they can save the story on their profile for all times to come; which is till they decide to remove it.

While initially a lot of people questioned whether anyone would even use Instagram stories since they worked on the same principles as Snapchat, the social media application saw a heavy use of the feature. People were very excited by the addition of the feature on the application and immediately took to it.

Then Instagram stories introduced face filters and other filters as well. This included the option of Instagram zoom in stories. Initially the stories had the normal zoom in and zoom out capabilities but lately they have introduced more fun options for Instagram zoom in stories; which is basically dramatic music and funny filter accompanied with the zoom in feature. This has become incredibly popular amongst Instagram users.

One of the reasons Instagram stories has become so popular is because of the fact that ever since Instagram changed its algorithm for how the Instagram feeds display pictures and videos people have put up a lot of Instagram users complain that their posts get lost in the thousands of other posts on the website. Since the algorithm no longer displays posts in chronological order, no one really knows what qualifies a post to appear on top of a person’s Instagram feed. However with Instagram stories, the equation is different since all of the Instagram stories put up by users appear on top of the feed. And usually they appear in terms of chronological order; which story was put up first and thus they are usually viewed by people. Everyone who logs into Instagram will see the stories since they are on top of the page.

This is just one of the many features which makes Instagram stories such a popular feature amongst users.

Different Instagram Zoom In Stories

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Like we mentioned above, there are different options you will have when you use the Instagram zoom in stories option. We will discuss all of them in detail as well as how you can use them and where you can access the different ones from.

1. Normal Instagram Zoom In Stories

This is one of the most common ways to use Instagram zoom in stories. This is the simple method to zoom in to your subject in the video or picture for your Instagram story. When you go to your Instagram application you need to look at the view finder when you are taking the picture or making the video. While you locate your subject in the view finder, you can zoom in on it by using your fingers and motioning outwards towards the edges of the screen. This will get you a focus and a zoom on the subject of your video. Bear in mind that once you start zooming in the quality of the video or picture may go down. Thus you need to be careful about how much you zoom in.

2. Superzoom

Recently Instagram came out with filters which users can use on their Instagram stories. These are great and a lot of fun to use. You can use them both from your front camera or your back camera. The superzoom now has multiple options for you to choose from. There is one with a musical background and one with a funny background noise. The superzoom options keep on changing because Instagram likes to surprise users and ensure that they have an ample choice which keeps on changing instead of a static option which stays there for eternity. This has made Instagram more popular amongst users since it gives them more range and options in terms of what they want to post in their Instagram story and more specially what they want to post in their Instagram zoom in stories.

The new Instagram filters and features give you more options of how to make your Instagram zoom in stories fun. You can utilize these features in multiple ways and make your Instagram zoom in stories fun to watch.

How to Make Instagram Zoom In Stories Fun for Your Viewers

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A lot of people these days do great things with their Instagram stories in general. These ideas are always fun and creative and usually these are the people who always have the most number of followers. So if you want more followers on Instagram and a higher number of viewer engagement you need to think outside of the box and come up with ideas that are not only unique but fun to watch since this is what gets viewer attention and puts you on the Instagram radar. If you use Instagram well enough, you can end up profiting off of it since there is now a trend for social media influencers getting paid for partnerships and much more!

1. Include Pets

There is one fact that will forever remain undisputed; adding furry friends to your Instagram stories will always make you popular.  This means adding pets doing random things or when they are cuddling with you; basically any shot of your furry friend and your Instagram story will be a hit. So with your Instagram zoom in stories, you have again a lot of fun options especially with the new option for the superzoom. With the tradition Instagram zoom in stories, you can just zoom in on your pet from a distance or you can zoom in to their nose or eyes; anything you think will look the best and the funniest. But with the superzoom you have a lot of options since usually the superzoom filters have sound effects and visual effects associated with it. This means you can make a random video of your pet and it will be hilarious since it will be accompanied by music or sound effects. In essence you will be making a normal video of your pet but the end result will come out to be hopefully very funny!

2. Unsuspecting Friends

One of the funniest things you can do is make videos of your friends that are in their natural habitat. It is always hilarious to see people who have no idea they are being recorded being caught on camera. This means that you can make Instagram zoom in stories of their face or their actions; anything where they do not know the camera lens is on them will usually produce amazing material for your Instagram story. Other than that, if you use the new Instagram superzoom feature you can make the actions or face of your friend ever funnier to watch. When people are going about their everyday business and someone makes a video of them which is accompanied with music or sound effects in the background it makes everything very hilarious.

3. Yourself

The Instagram zoom in stories are not just limited to your back camera but can also work on your front camera as well. Thus you can train the front camera lens on yourself and zoom in to your face and make a funny video. A lot of people tend to zoom in to their face when they are making an important point or trying to be dramatic on Instagram. Other than that the superzoom filters also work on videos made from the front camera. This means you can make funny videos of yourself using this feature so that your video is accompanied by music and visual effects.

Instagram is a very fun social medium where people can express themselves in many ways. And with the advent of Instagram stories people have now found another way to get their thoughts across and share content which they find entertaining and think others would really like as well. Make sure you only post content you would like to see from others; since this is the entire point of Instagram; making good content!

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