Samsung Smart Home – The Brains behind your Home Entertainment

Living in the era where technological advancements are rampant with every passing minute of every day Smart Home is no more an alien concept in fact those who have the taste for extravagant home entertainment always keep Samsung Smart Home in their very first of preferences.

Samsung Smart Home with the famous recognizable name of Samsung Smart Things is sort of a home device which has the ability to operate other home usage devices such as opening of the doors or turning on and off of lights in a room or movement of fans etc and much more. Such Smart Homes are being offered by a wide range of companies however Samsung Smart Things is one name which has managed to surface always on the top.

The ultimate aim of this service by Samsung is to make the life of their customers smoother and simpler within the control of their fingers and of course who would not want to have a magical wand in the hand which would decrease their manual labor. If you are someone who wishes to install Samsung Smart Home sort of magical wand within the comfort of your surrounding then it is incumbent upon you to give this article a good long read and then make a decision for yourself.

Let us first dig into what Samsung Smart Things is all about

Samsung of course is that one name in the world of technology that needs no introduction for it is so recognizable in the general masses that it gets included in the top preference list for home appliances and devices. Similarly, for smart homes Samsung has developed a range of smart devices that can posses complete control of your home with the mere push of a single button and any sort of power outage or fault can be traced in a matter of moments before it becomes too much of a trouble for the user.

These smart home devices make use of certain sensors which have the capacity to directly communicate with attached Smart Things appliances and also with the devices of other manufacturers. Hence it is not wrong to say that Samsung Smart Things functions as nothing other than the brain of you home controlling every move with the mere operation of hand held buttons. Moreover, this device can be operated from anywhere remotely and in fact send you consistent notifications in form of alerts in case any hazardous situation arises in your home. You can even set up triggers like “Good morning” to control a certain action of any device that you wish to operate in a specific manner.

You must be wondering what are the devices that can be possessed by Samsung Smart Things? Let’s have a look

To answer this simply it can be summed up in a nutshell that Samsung Smart Things can possess, take control of and keep a check on any device that is connected to it. This makes use of a wide variety of sensors, any sort of home based protocol that is set on Samsung Smart Things can be operated the example of these protocols is the Z-Wave, LAN, ZigBee3 and much more famously recognizable names. We are sure that this may have caught your attention now which brings us to the next million dollar question which is that how can one operate the Samsung Smart Home device.

How can the user operate the Samsung Smart Home Things Service?

The Samsung Smart Home Service as promised can be operated using your fingers and hands at the ease of your touch screen using the app of the Hub SmartThings which can operate the devices that have been put in connection with your Smart Things. This app can be used by both Android and Apple device users which is again a benefit that cannot be overlooked.  The smart home devices can be monitored by the sensors as well as using the voice operational commands.

This can better be explained by the example of Alexa by Amazon or even the Google Smart Home which are in connection to voice operations and respond to voice commands only. Isn’t it totally magical?

What is Connect Home and why must one get themselves upgraded to it?

The most intriguing and prominent characteristic of Samsung SmartThings Hub is that it gets the Connect Home to operate on smart appliances and as well as by connecting to the internet router or modem which can then be made as a wireless internet distributor all across your house. However it is prudent to know that the drawback of changing your current device is that you will need another router for your home in order to use the Connect Home in the way it presents itself.

If you end up deciding to connect or use the services of the Samsung Connect Home then you will not need any purpose to get advanced Smart Things Hub services of any sort however if you do not posses this system already then it is wise to know that this definitely does not provide a totally enjoyable experience of Wi-Fi services so you may be smart if you buy separate devices to get a smooth experience which would be the wireless router first and then the Smart Things Hub.

Written by Hina Akram

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