How to fix the Pentax DSLR Camera Errors?     

There is hardly anything that can go wrong with the Pentax DSLR cameras because they are counted under the most solid devices. You encounter errors once in a blue moon and when you do you will be shown an error message on the screen of your Pentax DSLR camera such the memory card error. This error message although may induce panic but in reality it is helpful because this message will contain a hint as to what may have gone with your camera.

When you have recognized your issue then you can use the following tips for each of the most commonly occurring errors to get rid of the Pentax DSLR Camera Errors for good.

1.     A90 Error Message

If you are encountering the A90 Error Message then this is an indication for you that you need to update your Pentax DSLR camera firmware to its latest update. You need to access the official website of Pentax to check for any potential updates for your firmware and keep following the prompts to successfully install these updates. If there isn’t any pending update then you will have to take your DSLR to a renowned repair center.

2.     Camera Overheated Error Message

The Camera Overheated Error Message will pop up rarely however if the internal temperature of your Pentax DSLR crosses its maximum limit then your camera will show you this particular error message so you must switch off your LCD screen to avoid any significant damage to your camera. Then click the OK button to make the error message disappear from your screen. The only solution for this error is to let the internal temperature of your camera cool down to a safe number.

3.     Card Not Formatted/Card Locked Error Message

These two error messages show that there is an issue with the memory card instead of the camera itself. The error message for the “card not formatted” shows that your memory card inside the Pentax camera is not successfully formatted or that it has been formatted in another camera which is not linked with the Pentax camera itself.

You can get rid of this Pentax camera error by letting the memory card get formatted inside the Pentax camera itself.  If the “card locked” error appears then you need to see the write protect inside the memory card which must be slid upwards towards the left for it to be activated means this switch must be unlocked.

4.     Dust Alert Error Message

The error message for the “dust alert” on the screen of your Pentax DSLR camera signify that the features of your camera which notify you regarding the dust build up on your image sensor are not functioning properly. This error message doesn’t necessarily mean that the dust particles are affecting the sensor in  any way but you must out your camera on to an automatic (or “A”) mode and set the lens focus mode to  the  auto-focus (or “AF”) to reconfigure the settings for the dust-alert.

5.     F– Error Message

The F—Error Message shows that there is an issue with your lens aperture. You must set the aperture ring to the automatic (or “A”) settings to get rid of this issue at hand. Moreover you can access the menu for Pentax camera and locate the settings for “using aperture ring” then alter these settings to “permitted.” You can also reset the camera by taking out the battery plus the memory card for a good 10-15 minutes and then switch back on your camera.

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