Permanent Delete Facebook Messages to Clear the Clutter from your Inbox

Delete those Unwanted Facebook Messages and Put Your Mind at Ease

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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media network in the entire world. With over 2 billion users on the website, it is no surprise that the company is doing so incredibly well. But little do you know that Facebook started out from very humble beginnings. The website was set up in a college dorm room by a few students who were attending Harvard at the time.

The students wanted to make a social media network that would be for the students at Harvard but the website got so much attention and users that they soon started spreading the website to different university campuses across America. This happened in the year 2004; fast forward 13 years and Facebook has spread to every country on the planet and almost everyone knows about it. And considering a big portion of the earth’s population is on the website themselves; this fact is not very surprising.

One of the many reasons for Facebook’s popularity is because of the fact that you can set it to display any sort of language you choose. Native speakers of different languages can set Facebook in their language and navigate through it with ease. This makes Facebook very desirable and makes people want to actually use the social media network.

With the vast popularity of Facebook there have always been messages floating around that warn users about how Facebook will one day charge them money for their service. To dispel this fear Facebook put out a statement that it would always remain free for its users and even incorporated this message on their user login page. But it is important to notice that Facebook only provides a free service because of the fact that they make a lot of revenue off of other avenues. With the recent trend of Facebook advertising and sponsored posts; Facebook makes a lot of money. This money is not just sufficient to pay the bills but it also makes the company a lot of profit. Facebook is arguably one of the most recognized companies in the world and the Facebook logo is known by many.

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Facebook makes a lot of money from advertisements and other ventures. Other than that the company sold its shares on the stock market and in 2017, the company sold about $42.5 million worth of stocks in the matter of a few hours. Because of Facebook’s monstrous success everyone wanted a piece of the company so as soon as the stocks hit the market, people were clamoring to buy them immediately.

It is not secret that Facebook is a mighty company and sets to take over whatever it sets it mind too. They have immense competition from other companies but most of those are local companies that are only operating in one country or just a region. Unlike Facebook none of these social media websites have the same global reach and hence it would be very unlikely that anyone could ever over take Facebook in terms of success.

In conjunction with Facebook, the company has also launched other services, or bought other applications or service providers to keep them under their wing. Over the years Facebook has acquired most famously Instagram and WhatsApp. Other than that Facebook itself has launched its own messenger app called ‘Facebook Messenger’ and this has been a massive success. All your Facebook messages get collected in this place and you can also send new Facebook messages from this application. It makes it very easy for you to send and receive Facebook messages on your smartphone application.

But receiving Facebook messages is not the issue the issue is how to delete them since they tend to clutter up your inbox. So here are a few ways to permanent delete Facebook messages on different mediums that you use Facebook on. Keep reading to find out what these are!

But before you set out to permanent delete Facebook messages, make sure you have weighed the decision properly and are totally sure of your choice. This is because once you permanent delete Facebook messages, there is no way you can retrieve them or bring them back. Once they are gone, they are gone permanently much like the name suggests!

  1. The Facebook Website on your Browser

When you go to Facebook on your web browser from your computer you need to keep in mind that you cannot delete every message individually but can only delete entire conversations. You can search for the conversation you want to delete in the search box in your Facebook inbox. Once you have found the conversation you want to delete, open the conversation and look at the icon of a cog which denotes the settings for the chat. Click on this icon to reveal options which you can choose, one of the options will be to ‘Delete Conversation’. Select this option and this will permanent delete Facebook messages.

  1. Permanent Delete Facebook Messages with Messenger Web App

The first thing you need to do is open the messenger app on your computer so you can permanent delete Facebook messages. Now find the chat in question you want to delete. Once you have the chat in your sight, next to the chat name you will see the icon of a cog which again denotes settings. Click on this and you will get a list of options which you can choose from. One of the options will be ‘delete’, click on this and you will be able to permanent delete Facebook messages. But remember this will only delete the messages for you, not the other person who you had the conversation with.

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  1. Permanent Delete Facebook Messages from Messenger Phone App

A lot of us have the Facebook Messenger applications on our phone because of how easy they make our live for us. It is very easy to use this application and to navigate through it on our phones. To permanent delete Facebook messages from your Facebook Messenger application on your phone, you need to first open the application on your phone. Once you have it on your phone, go to the chat you want to delete and then press your finger for a second or two on the chat name. Once you do this, you will get several options of what you can do with the chat. One of these will be to ‘Delete Conversation’, once you select this option you can permanent delete Facebook messages from your Facebook through the use of your Facebook Messenger application.

  1. Choose to Archive Facebook Messages

Instead of making the decision to permanent delete Facebook messages, you can choose to archive them instead. A lot of times you will see that you just need a clear head and hence want to declutter your messages by deleting them. But instead you could also choose to archive the conversation. What this does it shifts the conversation to the archive folder and clears up your space for you. And if you want to bring the conversation back, you can just as easily go to your archived chats folder and bring the conversation back to your main chat section. This is a great option for people who are not sure whether they will ever need to retrieve the chat back for any purpose whatsoever thus having it archived is a preferable option.

Things to Remember

There are certain things one needs to keep in mind when venturing off to permanently delete Facebook messages. A lot of people wrongly assume that if they delete the Facebook messages they sent, it will somehow mean that those messages are deleted in the other person’s chat as well. This is totally wrong. Once the message has been sent, there is no way to unsend it unfortunately. So if you sent a silly picture that you regret sending now, even if you delete the messages from your phone it will still remain in the other persons chat thus you cannot do anything about that.

If you want to permanently delete Facebook messages just because of the clutter issue and the issue of having so many chats in your inbox, it might be a good idea just to archive some of these messages. This is because if you permanently delete Facebook messages, like the name suggests this is permanent and you will not be able to get these messages back or retrieve them in anyway. If you have some important information in there, it is a good idea to take screenshots of those and save the pictures that have been sent either way so you can still have the important things with you even if you permanent delete Facebook messages.

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Other than that, ponder over the fact if the chat is important before you set off to delete it. This is because like we keep on repeating once you permanent delete Facebook messages, there is no way to get them back. Hence make sure you do not delete the messages unless absolutely certain that in no point in time will you ever need them again.

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