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The cyber world contains all types of users. You have admirers and fans who use social media to follow their favorite celebrities, brands, companies and other individuals. The purpose they have is to find out what is going on in the life of someone they worship, say Jennifer Aniston. They might also explore their favorite brands to find out the latest collection and trends to make sure they are on the same page. Then you have users who are on social media to market themselves, their products, startup companies and so on. Say, you just started selling clothes that you designed yourself. Launching them on Instagram will get you more audience, buyers and opportunities than setting up your own shop. Because in today’s technical world, you launch your company online first and then more forward to setting your own brand in the market. When we are mentioning types of people you come across social media, lets not forget the dark side of Instagram. This side includes the professional hackers, gossip addicts, spammers and haters. Say it was a nice day after a long month of sad events, you took this chance to snap a picture of yourself smiling for the first time in a while. Say, you then posted it on Instagram to share the positivity with your followers. You start getting notifications by accounts that have liked your photo and commented. Of course, you would love to read the comments and maybe send back a nice reply to thank them. However, you notice that some comments are the opposite of what you expected. These comments are filled with hate and negativity. While other comments are just spam messages. Individuals have used your picture to market something of their own. You are devastated and you wish these comments would either stop or just go away. If in your mind you are thinking how to report spam or delete comments on Instagram, you have come across the right place!

Instagram has been around since 2010. Yes it’s going to be 8 years soon and this recent application is already more popular than older social media sites. Why? Because this application allows its users to post pictures, videos on their Instagram as a new way of communicating with their followers. You should also note that this Facebook, Inc. owned application that is available on desktop, mobile, tablets and so on does not include the “Add friend” button. Instead Instagram has the option of followers and following. You simply get access, notifications and the chance to follow the content posted by users you are interested in. Of course, Instagram also has the option of making your profile private. This means that followers will be pre-approved before they get instant access to you. This option can also limit down spammers and hate comments. However, you never know which account that you have approved will start practicing these actions. Now that you that Instagram has the option of liking and commenting on posts, let’s move on to the main task. Still, before we do that we should give you the motivation to learn how to report spam or delete comments on Instagram!

Why should I consider exploring how to report spam or delete comments on Instagram?

You might begin to think that these spam comments with unknown and unapproved links that are probably not effecting you. However, that is where you are wrong. Let us walk you through a chain of reactions right here. When you receive a spam comment on one of your picture or video posts, you will not be the only one reading them. Your followers who like exploring on your Instagram will also go through the comments. When they do go through them, they might find the spam comment and the link interesting. Of course these spam comments make use of emotions. Say one of your followers in broke and they see a spam comment that is offering them an easy way to earn money, chances are they will follow it. However, once they follow it they will be led to the traps set by hackers and fraudulent activity online. When this happens they will be devastated and you will be blamed. In return you will start losing your Instagram support. Chances are your account will be reported to Instagram as well. See, that is a reaction that can happen to you as well.

Similarly, why must you delete hate comments since they mean nothing to you? When you want a post to be received well by the audience and your image is on the line. You must consider learning how to report spam or delete comments on Instagram. Say, you posted something that sheds light on how you should love yourself, your life, your body and accept yourself. But if in the comments section, you have users posting comments celebrating suicide, anorexia, and other negative views that will defeat the purpose. Similarly if your post is about your latest product and your comment section includes some comments that are misleading for your customers, you will end up losing your clients. If your product is falsely accused for being fake, copied or over priced, you will eventually lose your profits, your success rate and gain debt in return.

Now that we have set up enough pictures of why you should consider knowing how to report spam or delete comments on Instagram, lets explore one main and easy ways of doing it! If you catch someone falsely tagging your famous Instagram account into their comment section to build a hype for their brand, you can delete the comments and report spam manually. Of course, this applies to all types of situations.

How to report spam or delete comments on Instagram manually on iPhone?

Instagram already has the option for you to delete comments and report spam on your own. However the problem with this method is that you have to select each comment and then either delete them or report them as spam. This can slow you down especially when you are trying to remove comments and report spams on a mass scale. Still, we will walk you through the easy task. In order to manually take care of spam and comments follow this:

1. You will firstly open the recent post that received negative comments and spam comments. Once you do that, go straight to the comments section of the post.

2. If the comment consists of spam content or risky content, you will click on the comment for a few seconds and swipe left. Then a list of options will open. From this list you will click on “Delete & Report Abuse” and you will be asked why. You can choose a suitable option. Once it is reported, the comment will be removed and Instagram will look into the user’s account.

3. If you simply have to delete the comment due to abusive content, you will click on the comment for a few seconds and swipe left as well. When the list of options open, just click on the trash can button and the comment will be gone forever.

How to report spam or delete comments on Instagram on Android?

If you have an Android phone and the application of Instagram on it. The process is slightly different. You will go to the comments section again. Underneath there you will find a little speech button in a shape of a bubble. Just tap on it and  then you will hold on the comment that you want to delete or report as spam. Once the same list of options open, select either to delete the comment using the trash can icon or click on the other option.

How to report spam or delete comments on Instagram through a Windows device?

While the application on your Windows phone does not include the option of deleting or reporting comments as spam, you can still do that. All you have to do is open Instagram through your browser. Log in to your account and go to the same comment section where you want to remove the harmful comments. Now that it is open you will hover your pointer on that comment and a small x will appear next to it. Click on it and the same list of options will open. Choose to report it as spam or simply delete the hateful comment!

We hope our guide has helped you learn how to report spam or delete comments on Instagram without wasting any of your time. More than that, we hope that our article has motivated you to take care of your comments section. After all, when you have an Instagram account or any account on social media, you make to keep an eye on what is going on there. Otherwise if you have set any particular goal, you will indeed be unable to reach it. It’s always safe to maintain social media than getting hurt in the end. We wish you all the luck with reporting spam and deleting comments on Instagram then!

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