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All that you need to know about Internet Speed Test!

When we talk about platforms for internet speed test then the name of Internet Speed Test website definitely comes on the top since it is the most famously used all across the globe and has been known to conduct more than 50 million speed tests per month. comes with a huge list of test servers that are remotely present and is highly user friendly to get acquainted with along with a fun filled user interface. All these features combine together to bring you the best internet speed test site.

So instead of wasting time and energy searching for the most effective internet speed test site, we are bringing you a comprehensive article outlining all features and tools of Internet Speed Test.

The Likes and Dislikes of Internet Speed Test

Following are the advantages and drawbacks of the Internet Speed Test so that you get a better overview of what the platform has to offer and how well it can cater to your needs:

Likes of the Internet Speed Test

  • Vast variety and amount of test locations for bandwidths all across the globe for better accuracy
  • Comprises of a Speedometer-like display which is easy to use and displays all levels of bandwidth while the test is being run
  • The near most test location is searched according to your IP address
  • Their user interface is build on fun filled graphics and is liked among all other speed test sites
  • They offer a speed test which is Flash-free
  • The generated results from can conveniently be shared through email and on social media sites
  • The feature for Global Stats display all the stats from the internet speed test from across the globe
  • net test results can be secured for potential comparisons in the future
  • The Internet Speed Test App is also available for most of the operating systems

Dislikes of the Internet Speed Test

  • The heavy, high definition graphics can be a distraction instead of a perk for the dial-up users
  • Majority of the Test locations are present either in North America or Europe

More Details on Internet Speed Test

Here are some more important details on Internet Speed Test that you must know of:

  • Even if you don’t create a user account, your test server of preference can be pre-chosen in the settings section. Before you initiate the Internet Speed Test, you will be able to choose your pre-selected server or the one that is recommended for you nearest to your geographical location.
  • If you wish to view the results for the speed test on a different measuring unit, you will be given a choice between the units of kilobits (Kb) and megabits (Mb)
  • In the Result History page you will be able to locate all the tests that you have previously run including the best results out of these.
  • The results can be transferred to a CSV file
  • All of your results of the Internet Speed Test that you have run overtime can be shared
  • When you share the results of any of the Internet Speed Test, there would be a rating option which will tell you a comparison between your connection with the rest of the connections in your country.


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