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The risk of using dummy security cameras

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BERLIN, GERMANY - AUGUST 03: Passersby walk under a surveillance camera which is part of facial recognition technology test at Berlin Suedkreuz station on August 3, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The technology is claimed could track terror suspects and help prevent future attacks. (Photo by Steffi Loos/Getty Images)

A criminal while planning to carry out a robbery will look for a few things. One of that, before committing a theft, is a CCTV camera. Since security cameras tend to deter criminals, they will opt for other targets to fulfil their criminal endeavors. Though, having your Security cameras installation services carried out by professionals is a norm, but there are a number of people wanting security at the same time want to avoid the costs associated with purchasing a CCTV camera.

To achieve this objective, people often use dummy security cameras that look real. This could save them money in the short term, but it could potentially be damaging to their pockets in the long run.

Considering the above mentioned, we have outlined a few risks that are associated with putting up dummy security cameras.

Legal implications

For any person who plans on installing a dummy security camera must understand the legal implications that come along with such practice. There have been a lot of instants where property owners have been sued for the use of dummy surveillance cameras.

This reason that the accusers who sue property owners claimed that the fake CCTV cameras yielded a misleading sense of security. This led them to believe that the area was constantly protected.

Ambiguous appearance

Usually, skilled criminals can easily single out a dummy security camera. Fake security cameras generally consist of a red blinking light to trick people in believing that they are real, but seasoned thieves nowadays know that this is a fake camera signal. Additionally, the law requires business owners to post a sign indicating the presence of CCTV cameras.

If fake signs are put up, then these two intertwined underhand strategies only make matters more difficult. Fake cameras and alerts in combination create a strong but misleading sense of security. The last thing that one would want in an emergency is a fake sense of surveillance. The only definitive way to solve this problem is to spend in a CCTV security system by a reliable service provider such as First Digital Surveillance.

Greater Long term risks

Short term benefits can be gained by installing a fake security camera that can deter criminals, but it is only a matter of someone finding out that the CCTV is fake, and it may end up costing you a lot more in the long run. For instance, let us suppose there is a fake surveillance camera installed in your parking lot. As soon as someone finds out the camera being a dummy, they may plan a criminal activity and be able to get away quickly without getting identified their number plate cannot be tracked by officials because no one knows what number plate was it. If it was the case of a real CCTV camera system, the number plate would be taped by the CCTV and thus the criminal will be captured.

Though there are various other risks that come along with the installation of a dummy security camera, it is always advisable to invest in a reliable CCTV security system.

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