Tutorial 101: How To Use KIK?

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The internet gods have created cyberspace for you; its children. Here you will be able to research for anything you like. With search engines and accurate keywords you can even get the recipes for the best New York style cheesecake. Gone is the era where you had to buy cook books then. If you cannot afford a copy of your favorite novel even, you can get an eBook for a much cheaper price. Everything is really a touch of your finger away. In the future, it might just be a blink of your eye away! While the recent generation is literally being brought up in the era of technology, some of us olden folks are still getting familiar with how these mobile applications work. And that is completely fine. Because people, without all of us these applications will be unable to function. Which is why they depend on us and make it easier for us to figure out how they work. And even if you cannot find that out yourself, you have guides like us who are ready to help you out. Now you know whats big on the internet right now? Messaging applications. Yes, a while back we had to use our sim cards and assigned numbers to make both; national and international calls. This actually drained your accounts within a day. And then when it came to making emergency phone calls, you simply did not have the balance to do so. However, now that internet connection is everywhere you can simply use these messaging applications which are free of cost because they work through your wireless connections or data packages. One such application is known as KIK and in this article we are going to teach you how to use KIK without frustrating yourself. Because this application has the potential of becoming your next go-to application for communicating!

kik app

Now KIK is a shortened version of KIK Messenger which was launched in 2010. This application was actually a discovery by students of Waterloo who were trying to make application for mobiles. Now KIK Messenger is an application produced by KIK Interactive. In almost 6 years, the 2016 statistics conducted in May produced shocking discoveries. KIK Messenger has more than 300 million active and registered users and they numbers have probably grown by now. The 2016 statistics also show that KIK Messenger’s users; forty percent of them come from United States of America. You can avail KIK Messenger on any devices that support Android or iOS. While unlike many other applications, KIK Messenger is so far offered only in English language, it has a remarkable feature that sets it as unique. Unlike many of the other messaging application, KIK lets you ensure a higher level of anonymity. How does it do that? Well, KIK Messenger does not require any phone numbers for creating and registering for an account. Instead of using your phone numbers to track you then, KIK messenger uses your IP addresses to fulfill that security requirement. Now this anonymity feature has fallen under a lot of controversy over the years because it really does make it hard to track down any possible scammers and perverts. Either way, KIK messenger has acknowledged this downfall and the team is working on it.

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Enough with the introductions then because it is time to move on to learning how to use KIK Messenger. Now first thing’s first; You need to learn how to sign up for KIK in order to use KIK.

The first thing you should be doing now is downloading KIK messenger in your mobile device. The application is easily available through your application store (Google Play for Android and Apple App store for iPhones). Simply launch your app store and in the search menu you should type: KIK Messenger. The first option that will appear is most likely to be KIK Messenger itself. Click on it to open the download window and from here you will simply click on the install button. Remember to agree with the terms and conditions to move forward. Once the application is installed, it will be ready for your use.

In order to register or sign up for KIK Messenger then, you will click on Sign up once you launch KIK on your phone. Then, you will enter your email address, username and password to register for KIK. You will also be asked to provide a profile picture. If you want to, you can allow KIK to access your contacts from your phone and help you find any of your friends. Once you have registered successfully however, you can simply tap on “Find People” bar and search for your friends through their KIK usernames or email addresses that they must have used to sign up for KIK. Remember that KIK Messenger will ask you to confirm your email address and for that the team will send you a link in your email address. Log in to your email account and open the link from your emails. This will confirm your account and you can continue using KIK messenger without worrying about any hindrances.

The second step you are going to talk here actually involves how you can use KIK. KIK messenger lets you chat with your friends and family while it makes you feel like you are messaging them instead. Now once you have added your friends and family on KIK this step should come easy to you. KIK will have a list and a window separately where you can access all the usernames that you have added to your account. In this window, you can simply tap on any contact of your choice and select the option of Chat that you can find at the bottom of this window. Once this is done, a chat box will appear but it will mostly be empty because you have not had the chance to make a conversation with anyone yet. So, in this window you will type the text that you wish to send. The keyboard will appear itself so you do not have to worry about that. Once you are comfortable with the message that you have typed, hit the Send button. Depending on the version and the device that you are using, this send button can either appear as a simple send button or a bubble for speech instead.

chat on kik

Remember that you can get creative with KIK. KIK messenger does not only have the option of sending out plain messages. Instead you can add emoji icons, numbers, other characters, stickers and so on. You can also send the other user media files which can include GIFs, videos, audio files, document attachments and so on.

In order to share videos and images on KIK messenger you must first allow KIK to access your media files from your gallery. Do not worry, this is completely safe and the KIK team will not breech its professional limits to harm your data. The application can only access the media files that you have stored in your mobile device. Any media file that exists on any other platform cannot be accessed by KIK Messenger. So if you want to, you should transfer such media files to your mobile phone so you can share them with your KIK members. Now if you wish to share a video or an image file you will find the image or video icon at the above section of your chat box. This will allow you to open your gallery and select the image, video or audio that you want to share. Once it is selected, you can also add a message along with it. If you are sure, you will reach for the Send button and the file will be shared. A little square at the corner above your chat box allows you to send other types of files as well. You can use this to send video links, sketched, memes, web history and stickers.

kik chats

On KIK you can also have group chats. This just helps you gather people in one place and talk to them. You can have about nine people in one group using KIK. All of these members will be able to talk to you and others at the same platform. With that, you can share media files with all of them as well. There will be a big plus button at the bottom of your KIK messenger’s name screen. Clicking on it will open a list of options, from this you will select “Start a group” and you will create a group. You just have to give it a name, add contacts through their usernames and you will be able to start your chats. This application also allows you to use KIK codes to add individuals separately or in groups.

Now your KIK messenger also helps you chat with bots. In order to avail this option, click on the big plus button again and from the list you will simply select “Discover bots”. Here onward you can begin scrolling down and select a bot of your choice. Tap on their name and begin chatting with bots on KIK!

kik chats

Now that you know how KIK works, give it a whirl and see if it suits you!

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