Do You Wish to Know If Someone Blocked You On KIK?

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The cyber world and its creators have a lot of of applications to offer to us. Applications are basically computer programs that are designed to cater our needs by performing tasks via a group of coordinated activities, tasks and functions as well. These applications then come in different shapes and sizes. You have an application that can help you keep track of your daily events and meetings whereas you also have an application that is simply meant to tell you time. Are you going on a diet? you can now coordinate your diet chat through an application in your mobile phone. Such conveniences are brought to us by these small applications that exist in the virtual world. A popular category of applications includes instant messaging and making calls. What is different about these calls and instant messages is that they use our wireless internet connection or landline connection as well as our data plans to help us connect to anyone in anywhere without asking for any charges in return. Many of these applications are simply free of any costs when it comes to downloading, signing up and usage. So now with such applications you do not have to worry about emptying your credits because there is everything that has become possible with such applications. If you have someone who is living in another country and due to time differences you are rarely able to make calls or have a one on one text session, messaging applications should be your go to. Because without worrying about the very extensive and over the roof charges that you have to pay for making international calls and texts, you can send out as many free instant messages, media files and voice notes for them to notice. If you thought long distance relationships are never a possibility; perhaps you should think again. Because with new innovations like these, the world operates through your phone and your touch. One such application is KIK and it comes with a lot of features and one such features lets you get a hint if someone has blocked you on KIK. In this article, we are going to be talking about that in detail then!

kik app

KIK messenger which is popularly known as just KIK, is a development of a Canadian based company, KIK Interactive. Initially KIK was discovered by a group of students studying in the university of Waterloo. They were working on mobile applications when they created and released KIK messenger for the world. Launched in the October of 2010; this application is about seven years old. Today, according to the statistics of KIK Messenger’s team, this application has about three hundred million users who are active each day. By 2016, it was discovered that approximately forty percent of said registered users come from United States of America. Now the reason KIK messenger is so  popular among its users is because of its anonymity feature. Many other similar messaging applications actually require a mobile number for registration. Without this number, these applications are unable to confirm your identity whatsoever. However, with KIK you do not need to have a registered cell phone number. All you need for making an account is an email address and a username that has not been taken by someone yet. With that, you just need to set up your password and voila! You are good to function with KIK Messenger in your cell phone. Still, over the years this unique features has also become the controversial aspect of KIK Messenger because it does not allow individuals to report scammers and so on. Otherwise, the features of KIK are pretty simple. You can make an account and then begin to find your friends using their KIK usernames or email addresses. With that, you can even add strangers and talk to them. KIK allows you to send instant messages, attach media files, make groups, leave voice notes, send stickers, use the emoji keyboard and so on. You are ensured security and privacy by a feature that allows you to block other users. When you block someone on KIK they will be unable to send you any type of messages. They will simply be unable to find you on KIK and you can free yourself from any worries.

But, what really happens when someone has blocked you on KIK Messenger? KIK is smart enough to not to send you any notifications when you have been blocked. In fact none of the social media applications that you use will alert you regarding this. So, how will you be able to know if someone has blocked you on KIK? Because you might be sitting on your couch right now typing them infinite messages thinking they simply have been unable to connect to their internet connection. When in reality, they have simply blocked you from their KIK Messenger. So, if you wish not to feel silly about yourself (because well, sending endless messages without getting a reply can do that to you) you can read our tutorial on how to find out if someone has blocked you on KIK yourself. Why do you need to know this? Imagine if you were talking to your crush on KIK messenger and a few days back you both had a disagreement. While you took it lightly and felt apologetic, you tried to make amends over the weekend. However, on both days you were unable to get any reply from them. When you saw your crush in public, you waved and their friends simply giggled as they gave each other the stare. Well, in such cases its better to find out if someone has blocked you on KIK and steer clear of them in real life.

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In order to find out if someone has blocked you on KIK…

KIK Will not alert you at all, no matter how hard you wish for it! So here is a simple trick you can look for. In order to know if you have been blocked, you need to play very close attention to the ticks that appear next to your messages. Whenever an instant message has been sent on KIK, a small D will appear on the left side of your message. This D is an alert for “delivered”. Once the other user that you have sent the messages to receives them, the D turns into R immediately. This R stands for “Received” which alerts you that they must have read the messages by now. Here’s the twist then: You should note that when you are blocked on KIK Messenger, the messages that you have sent in a chat box will never turn to “received”. Your messages will only be noted with a D instead. While you can explain this through technical errors as well, give it some time. If over three days your messages have not turned to R, you can conclude that you have indeed been blocked!

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Well then if they have really blocked you, you should block them back too. In fact, you should learn how to block someone on KIK Messenger for the sake of it. So, here is how you can block someone if you are using KIK on an Android device:

On your Android device, you will first launch KIK Messenger and then open a specific chat with the target. Now if you really wish to block them, you will tap on their name at the top of the chat box. From the options, you will click on “More” and immediately you will locate “Block XYZ”. Tap of this option and a box message will ask you if you are sure regarding your choice of action. Simply click on Block again to end the task. If you wish to give them another chance, you can simply tap Cancel from the box message and it will terminate your action.

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Now, if you are someone who is using KIK Messenger on an iPhone or iOS device you will first launch the application and visit the Settings. From the settings, you need to go to Privacy. In this window you will tap on Block List where you can view all the people whom you have blocked. At the top you will see a plus mark. Tap on it and then from your list of chats, select the user’s name. Then once you are sure simply click on “block” and there you go; they are gone from your life.

Remember that unblocking someone takes the same steps as well. Instead of tapping on block, you simply tap on unblock. So, if you have made amends with the other person in real life you can reverse your actions. Similarly, if it has not been too late the other person can unblock you too. Then you can have your conversations with them easily. But you should know that once blocking comes into play, it just ruins a relationship. That is the power social media has on our personal lives.

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We hope you were able to find out if someone has blocked you on KIK with us then!

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