The Top iOS Sticker Apps

So let’s get the obvious question out of the way which is, who doesn’t love sending out emotionally constructed stickers to shout out your emotions and sentiments to your loved ones? Of course everyone does! Wouldn’t you love when someone sends out a lovely message filled with colorful stickers with hearts popping out or your favorite character flying on the broom? Once again of course you would.

Top iOS Sticker Apps

If you are an iPhone owner then luckily there are a number of iOS Sticker Apps available in the App Store to making texting and messaging in general more fun. We have compiled a list of some of the top few however the Apple App Store is filled with much more than just these, all you have to do is explore.

1.     MARIO RUN

Ever since Mario Run has been launched, we doubt there is anyone who would hate it because it comes out of the inspiration from the famous Nintendo series of Mario Brothers. Hence in the iOS Sticker Apps list, this would definitely stay at the top even though there are only 12 stickers in the collection; this app is worth having on your phone.

face filters


Those cute little colorful angry birds with their tactics and skills…how can anyone look past their iOS Sticker collection pack? At first, it was simply a game that all of us stayed hooked on to all day on our mobile phone devices, then these Angry Birds made a debut on the big cinema screens and finally their iOS sticker app came into the Play Store. Hence it is hard to look past over this one.

angry birds


Imoji Stickers is another prominent addition in our list of iOS Sticker Apps. The sticker collection pack in Imoji is equipped with all kinds of fun stuff whether it is food, sports, hearts or any other thing that you love and remember that these are only the sub categories, once you tap on them you will discover a whole new world filled with tons of stickers. Remember folks, you can never go astray with Imoji Sticker App because you will always find something in it.



If you re-read that for a confirmation then yes you read it correct, Yelp now has a sticker collection and is a great addition to the list of iOS Sticker Apps. Their collection comprises of cute little smileys, food items, drinks, stars, rating emojis and a lot more to spice up things in your texting and make it much more fun. Once again even though Yelp doesn’t include a large sticker library but they are a good addition for when you are searching for free sticker pack collection in any of these apps.



You might have heard the name Jib Jab somewhere, if you cannot remember it then let us remind you that these were those funny greeting cards with the motto “elf yourself.” Now their sticker pack collection in form of an iOS app is even sillier with amazing animations.  This is that app which you don’t want to miss out on.


If you are looking for something that is not fancy and a bit simpler then you can opt for the Nounji sticker pack iOS App. This app comprises of stickers are simple but useful and have an amazing addition in terms of white and black theme just to add a bit of a different edge to your texting collection. This app has got everything down for you.


If you are someone who loves animals and likes origami in general then the WWF Origami world wildlife sticker collection will not fail you. These stickers definitely add fun and elegance to your texts plus iMessages as well. Who knew animals could look elegant in texting!


This iOS Sticker App is all about our famous Mickey Mouse and his pals so there isn’t anything that you can hate about this app. However the only drawback of this app is that you will have to invest $1.99 plus tax to access this app. Hence if you are someone who has always been a fan of Disney characters, Mickey Mouse in particular then paying such a small fee will not hurt your pocket.


We should also inform you that all of the iOS Sticker Apps mentioned above in the list apart from the last one are free of cost so this is an added bonus. Hence go ahead, download and start enjoying texting a bit more than just typing without paying anything. There is no harm in this as well; if you get sick of these apps after a while then you can simply get rid of these apps from your iPhone or iOS.

This was our collection of the top iOS Sticker Apps which hopefully did help you. If you loved this article then do not forget to share it with your family and friends.

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