Can you use FaceTime on Windows?      

It can be said without a doubt that the FaceTime feature offered by Apple is literally their most exciting and coolest service for which many clients invest money in Apple in the first place. Right after FaceTime’s debut on iPhone, Apple introduced FaceTime on Mac devices as well.

However the bad news is for the users of Windows because there isn’t an option to use FaceTime on Windows. Essentially FaceTime is the feature for video calling and audio calling that is compatible only with Apple platforms. So as a replacement there are multiple alternatives for Windows and Windows devices which can be used for video calling in form of FaceTime on Windows hence keep reading ahead.

FaceTime doesn’t have a Open Standard

Back in 2010 when FaceTime was launched the CEO of Apple said this, “We’re going to the standards bodies, starting tomorrow, and we’re going to make FaceTime an open industry standard.”

This essentially meant that anyone could have easily used FaceTime by creating its software. This would have given opportunities to multiple third party companies to make programs that would have made FaceTime compatible on devices that aren’t Apple based including Windows and Android.

Other Apps to get FaceTime on Windows

The FaceTime isn’t compatible with Windows however there are many other video calling programs that can be used instead and many of these are described below:

  • Glide – Glide has introduced an exciting add on to the video calling feature, it can be used with your social circle through video but it also has the tool to make a recording of tiny video clips and then they can be shared with friends. You can even add the option to conduct a group chat by adding as many as 50 people. This is compatible on Android, iOS, and of course Windows.
  • imo –  This is a highly popular video calling app which works on Windows, Android and even Apple operating system. You can even add funny stickers and encrypt your conversations for added security.
  • iMovicha –this is another great alternative to be used in form of FaceTime on Windows and is highly compatible with Android, Windows and MacOS AS WELL. Just like FaceTime this app can operate even when connected to the 3G and 4G networks and not only Wi-Fi.
  • Skype – This is a name that doesn’t need much introduction and has bene extensively used in the past on Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms. Its software is free to use and you can even keep a recording of your calls.
  • Viber – Viber has announced that they have almost more than 500 million users across the globe and if you need to get in touch with people across the globe then this is your best option. It doesn’t even show annoying advertisements and is available in many languages.
  • WeChat– Another app that can be used as FaceTime on Windows is WeChat and can be used on Apple plus Android for instant communication. WeChat is famously used in China and almost everyone has it there.
  • WhatsApp – This is the app that doesn’t require any introduction and has more than tens of millions of users across the globe and is compatible with almost every device. You can use it for chatting, sending images, videos, make video and audio calls absolutely free.

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