How to Repost on Instagram and Relive the Old Memories!

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Social media accounts allow you to broadcast the important and even regular moments from your life. Each day, something unique can happen; you can run into an old friends or colleague and snap a picture with them. Then in order to share with your followers, the joyous coincidence, you share it on your social media accounts. Same way, you might run into a bakery that makes a special apple pie that takes you back to your childhood. In order to share that astonishing moment then, you can just post a picture recommending that place to your friends and followers. There are so many types of experiences that each one of us goes through per day and when given the option, we love to share the happiness and even the sadness these experiences can bring us. Then, we move on to newer experiences. Still, some moments from our past stick with us and make a special space in our hearts. Say, you got engaged in the middle of 2016 and it was a moment that still brings you to tears of happiness. Now, you are married and you are about to have your first child. There are times when you visit back down the memory lane and each time you recall your proposal video, it just informs you how thankful you have been for that experience. So, you wish to share the same moment again with a special message. But, how can you do that on Instagram? How can you possibly repost on Instagram? Well, you can certainly learn that from us!

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Instagram is an application, mainly concerned with social media, that was launched in 2010. In only 8 years, Instagram has managed to grow its ground at a global level. This world-famous application was started by a team of only 12 employees! Now Instagram is owned by Facebook, Inc. and has expanded its team since then. So, what makes Instagram popular among users? This unique application allows users to talk through their media posts. Yes, by simply posting pictures and videos, Instagram users are able to create their own fan base. Anyone can be Instagram famous now. In fact, many celebrities have gained and increased the number of their fan clubs through their Instagram profiles. Anything that happens on Instagram, from trends to feuds, it becomes news in seconds. Instagram allows its users to post pictures and videos as well as share them from other accounts as well. Instead of friends, Instagram has followers and following; basically, the people you like to receive content from and the people who wish to follow the content you upload. Instagram also allows its users to now share 24 hour time stories about their everyday life just to connect with their followers more. With recent updates, Instagram now allows Instagram users to share instant messages and chats with other Instagram accounts as well. Do you wish to send out a fan-girl message to your favorite celebrity on Instagram? Well, you can make your wishes come true now!

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What Instagram does not include, however, is the ability to repost on Instagram. Say, you were a regular Instagram user back in your High School days. Each day, you directed small skits with your friends and uploaded them on Instagram. Your friends and you had infinite number of followers just because you were able to post the goofiest videos online. Your high school fellows were amazed how you could post on Instagram regularly and fill their timelines with innovative and creative posts but still manage a higher GPA. You and your friends were the unofficial comedy group from your school. But, those days are in the past now. Now you are an employee who works 16 hours a day to reach the ultimate goal of success. Your friends are spread out through the states of America too now. You rarely get to hang out with them let alone share your daily secrets and stories. The hard days of your life only allow you to check your Instagram for a few minutes of your day. Recently, you receive a call from your school about a High school reunion that you are invited to. You stop for a few minutes and pause your work. This just makes you walk down the memory lane and remember the joyous days you and your friends had; the fame, the fun, the acknowledgements, the encouragements, the time investments, the creative ideas, the get to gathers and what not. Those were truly the days of your life. This just makes you scroll through your Instagram and suddenly you walk through an entire series of some of the best memories you had made. You are saddened yet you wish your friends to reminisce with you and be glad all of you met. After all, you will be reuniting for the reunion soon. However, when you wish to share that moment again on your Instagram profile, you are frustrated with the inability to do so. In this case, what can you do to repost on Instagram? Well, we can pull out one successful way from our magical hat!

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Child, you need the Repost app in your Android or iOS device right this moment. Whether your scenerio is similar or completely different from what we sketched earlier, the common desire is that you wish to repost on Instagram from time to time. This Repost application then is completely free of any charges. It is available on both; Play store of Android devices and Apple Stores of iOS devices. What is best about this application is that you will not be paused by unnecessary advertisements that request you to purchase a professional version of the Repost application. This application does not need you to put watermarks on your reposts and market the application. You do not need to make any additional in-application purchases either. While you can repost with this application, you can also download the pictures and videos to keep them with you forever!

So, how can you repost on Instagram with the repost application successfully?

Well the first thing you need to do is make this application available on your device. In order to do that, you will need to visit your Apple store or Google play store and search for the repost app. Once you find it, you will download it immediately and let it install in your smartphone. Now that you have the application available in your smartphone, you will log in to your Instagram account. After you have entered your email address/username and password, begin scrolling through your posts. From the plethora of your Instagram posts, when you find something you wish to repost and share with your followers again, you will notice three dots to the right of the post on the upper side. Now that you have located these three dots, you need to tap them!

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When you will tap these three black dots, you will find a list of options. From this list, you need to select “Copy Share URL”. Instagram will generate a URL link to this post of yours and you will copy it on your smartphone’s Clipboard. Close the Instagram application now then, you are almost to your destination!

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Once you have the link copied, you will open the installed Repost app on your phone. When you paste the link in the search bar, your post will appear. All you need to do now is tap on the Instagram photo. This way you will be able to share and repost this Instagram post with your followers!

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All you need to do is click on the blue button that you will locate at the bottom on your screen. The image that you wish to repost is automatically saved in your gallery when you tap it. Now that you have selected the repost blue button, a window will pop up with the heading “Ready for Instagram”. In this window, you will have the option to add a caption before you select to repost on Instagram. In this caption, you can type a small and sweet message that provides viewers with the idea about just how special this post is for you! When you are done, click on “Open Instagram”. Before reposting it, you can make any edits you wish to and viola, you will successfully repost an old post!

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If you do not wish to download an external application on your device, you can go for the screenshot technique. It’s quite simple- All you need to do is scroll through your Instagram and find a post you want to repost on Instagram. Then, take a screenshot and view the screenshot in your gallery to edit it. In your Instagram application, simply upload the screenshot and write in a caption before posting it!

At times, you might want to share your Instagram post on any other social media platform as well, for example, your own website. In order to repost from Instagram on your computer device then, you will have to apply the Embed Code technique. Just select a post from your Instagram that you wish to repost and click on the three dots at the bottom. Select the “Embed” option and copy the code. Now all you need to do is visit the website and paste the embed code! This simple technique will allow you to repost from Instagram in seconds!

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Whether you wish to repost from your smartpone or your computer device, these three methods will help you repost on Instagram without a fail!


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