What Does The Snapchat Blue Dot Mean?


Now that the social media world has expanded, we have tons of applications to choose from. Previously, people rarely had the chance to use an application that helped them in connecting with people but also helped them with entertainment. In olden days we actually had more chat rooms instead. In chat rooms you could connect with random people and each time you would log in, it would get hard to find the same person in the chat area again. We did have social networking sites of course but we would call them as more of a shady platform that usually included people flirting with each other and the beginning of online dating. But what about people like us who would like to connect with their friends and family even when they are spread through out the world? Well now we have applications that come from eligible sources and you can trust them regarding the data you save on them. With enhanced settings that you can modify, you can keep the creeps away from your site and you can simply indulge in some fun time with your friends. One such reliable application is Snapchat which is fairly new. Now many of us have been used to the idea of a social networking site or an application that mainly involves share posts; pictures, videos, media posted by others and so on and with that it includes a simple interface that you can easily interpret and then you can send out instant messages to your friends as well. That is a combination we are used to. Then we have Snapchat, an application of the new era. Now since this application is one of its kind, it can be hard to understand it and then understand what each of its features do or are for. One such feature that might get you confused is the Snapchat blue dot. Now you do not need panic about the Snapchat blue dot because we have it all figured out for you and in this article we will tell you what it means and what it is for. So, read ahead if you are really curious about the Snapchat blue dot!

Now before we get into one of the features of Snapchat; the Snapchat blue dot, we should give Snapchat a brief introduction and with that we should review all of it other features because this blue dot is interlinked with all of the things you can do with Snapchat. Snapchat is an application that is readily available on your smartphones whether they are supported by Android, Windows, iOS and so on. This application was launched back in 2011 and since that it has reached the top of the line very fast. It come under our list of top social networking applications that have taken over the world in a moment. This application was developed by Stanford students; Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Billy Murphy for the purpose of bringing in something that has never been done before. Now if you are wondering what makes Snapchat so different, its really the features and the purpose of the application. This application allows you to share image messaging and other multi-media type messaging particularly ten second videos and so on. A key identifier of Snapchat is that this application will not allow the users to store what you share with them. That means that whenever you share something with your friends, individually or in a group, it gets deleted right after it is viewed by them. Yes, after clicking on the message and letting it play out for the seconds that you have chosen, the other users and you yourself will be unable to view it again. From your whole day, you can only replay one Snapchat per day. Now Snapchat allows you to upload stories that last for approximately twenty-four hours and they allow you to share your pictures and images with everyone in your friend list, after that it also gets deleted.

So what are some of the other features should we look at before we move on with Snapchat blue dot? Well Snapchat allows you to edit your Snaps before you send them out to your friends or before you upload them as your stories. Basically, when you snap a photo or you create a video, you can first of all, add a caption to it. Before there was a word limit but now there is no such thing and you can type for as much as you like. You also have the option of adding stickers to your Snap and then adding some emoji to the text part as well. Do you like doodling? Well you can upgrade your snaps with some doodling with the choice of your own range of colors to make your snaps appear more creative and funny. If you are in love with your art work then, you can even download a copy of your Snap before sending it out. Now you have the choice of adding basic filters to your snaps and then you can also add some location based filters that are only available in your area. These are great when you are at a concert and you wish to subtly share that with your friends to make them burn! Other than that, Snapchat has animated filters that you can use before to shoot a video or take a picture. Just click on your face and some lines will appear and then you will have a long list of options to try out before you take your pick. This is something that every user is getting crazy about and there are more applications now simply for allowing people to use animated filters. What’s more? Snapchat allows you to send instant messages to your friends, stickers in chats and make a call through Snapchat as well. But your messages get deleted as soon as they are read by someone; that’s the standard rule the application follows. Nothing gets left behind. When you are on the main screen and you have taken a snap for yourself, you will notice a clock icon at the bottom. When you will tap on this icon, it will allow you to set the time of your snap. This means that the other party can view your snap in between one second to ten seconds only. Other than that, your videos will only last for ten seconds and you cannot record them for longer. You simply tap the middle part of the main screen and hold on to it. This way your video begins to record and it also has the sound in it. But in the end, before sharing it, you can choose to mute it if you have some embarrassing audio playing in the back. The stickers and the emoji are resizable so with your two hands you can zoom them out or zoom them in as well, is that not awesome? Now we have briefly viewed everything about Snapchat, but what does the Snapchat blue dot mean then?

Snapchat Blue Dot:

We decided to do some research ourselves and find out a suitable answer to this query that has been going around a lot. If you have ever wondered what this blue dot was on Snapchat, you are getting lucky now. The blue dot on Snapchat began appearing recently, so it has not always been there. The blue dot began to show up in 2016 when Snapchat introduced the previously discussed chat interface for its users. If you have used the chat feature to talk to your friends, you will notice that this blue dot appears right above the box where you have to type your text. And if you have been regularly noticing it, you will see that at times this blue dot just shifts and turns into an emoji, what is this sorcery then? What is this blue dot and why does it appear all the time? Now there are two types of blue dots on this application. The first will appear on your home screen from your phone which will be located on the Snapchat icon. This just tells you that your application has just been updated and you can use these new features now. But then there is another blue dot that appears on Snapchat that is within the chat interface.

Now according to official Snapchat statements, this blue dot just shows you that you are now in a chat with someone from your friends list. This is a sign that the other person is there in the chat with you and they are paying attention to your common chat area. When this blue dots shifts to a smiley, this means that the other person is actually typing a reply for you or the have the chat box opened in their phone and they are looking at your snap where you are typing. This is what we know about the Snapchat blue dot, but is there something more to it?

That’s all we could tell you!

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