All about the Internet Speed Test! Internet Speed Test is another one of the famous speed tests that offers free bandwidth tests and have been making their customers happy since past two decades. Their website is based on a user friendly platform, is compatible with all web browsers without having to download any additional plug-ins and offers statistics in a way that you may not be able to generate using other speed tests.

The results generated by the Internet Speed Test are displayed in a manner that can be understood easily even if you are not a techie and also allows you to compare your bandwidth strength with that of other internet providers in your country.

Features of the Internet Speed Test

  • The services makes use of the HTML5 to operate the tests rather than asking their customers to download Java or Flash hence you can use the Internet Speed Test on both computer and cell phones
  • net accumulates results for the speed tests from everyone and adds them to their database which allows you to see others’ bandwidth strength of their respective cities, ISPs and countries
  • You can perform a test for uploads and downloads or even join the two using the Auto Test
  • net Internet Speed Test uses the servers which are situated in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. You will be able to assign any of these as your default servers or use all of them using the Multithread Speed Test
  • The size of the sample for these tests can be customized up till 200 MB for download and 100 MB for upload
  • You can save the results of the tests in form of texts on your PC in a PNG file or can open it with a specifically generated URL, and then can be sent to a CSV file format for sharing

The Yays of the Internet Speed Test

  • Makes use of HTML5 to make the Internet Speed Test as reliable as possible
  • It doesn’t have any affiliation with any ISP
  • Results are easily understandable
  • Previous results are kept as a track record on your online account

The Nays of the Internet Speed Test

  • The website doesn’t have a graphical appeal like that of the other internet speed tests’ sites

A Quick Review on the Internet Speed Test

The first thing you need to know that it is highly imperative that the Internet Speed Test makes use of the HTML5 to operate its bandwidth tests. This method has an advantage over the others because other internet speed tests use either Flash or Java similar to the which are restricted to only particular browsers which are not compatible with these plugins. The HTML5 can be run on any browser as well as on mobile phones. Internet Speed Test is not affiliated with any specific Internet Service Provider because if a test is associated with a particular ISP it is highly likely that they may manipulate the results to make bandwidth speeds appear stronger than they actually are.

The best thing about the Internet Speed Test that all the stats they provide are easily readable means you don’t have to run comparison with any other graphs or charts for speed ranking.


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