Is Social Media and dating a perfect fit?

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There is no reason why out of every tech areas we try to improve, dating should be an exception. Perhaps it might need help the most, considering how meeting other people has changed over the years. Naturally, the internet is the primary responsible factor.


While the traditional way of hooking up has not completely died out, many future couples, or even potential life partners, start their more intimate relationships on the web – sometimes before seeing each other in person. Busy as we are, we relocated a large portion of the so-called social life into the virtual world. When having just a few closest friends and many online acquaintances, it can be difficult to encounter new and interesting individuals. There is no wonder Social Media networks are our main source of information, a huge database of those who are somehow connected to us, and frequently the first point of contact with the outside world. A big part of overall online activity already happens on various social media platforms, which is something not to be treated lightly.

Making a useful tool to help people connect on a romantic level has always been one of the main objectives for developers on the internet. Sometimes they have to think about numbers and algorithms, so they benefit mainly from the more analytical and statistical approach to the matter. But, of course, dating in real life is not exactly like that. There is much more emotion involved than just facts and rational thinking. On the other hand, building a relationship in reality consists of learning new information about a person, and it is something social media can help with. And they do not stay idle on that market.

It’s not like there’s a shortage of valuable options that present us with opportunities to talk and meet other cyberspace users, for various purposes. Some are quite useful and gained much popularity. But when a major player like Facebook comes into play, the expectations have to be higher than usual. After introducing the feature to 19 countries last year, Facebook dating is now ready for the American market. The US residents can now opt-in for a separate account for dating and look for somebody with similar interests.

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