Bitdefender or Avast – What would you choose for yourself?

We reside in a century that is driven by the internet and all dimensions of that the online world has to offer. Every second of every day, millions of people from all across the globe use internet for web browsing, reaping off the perks that internet services have to offer however unfortunately this has also given birth to a great number of hideous malware attacks resulting in theft of personal data.

Bitdefender vs. Avast

Opportunistic hackers, cyber thieves and spammers are always lurking around everywhere, constantly searching for effective methods that would create a notorious virus which no anti-malware software can fight so that they can claim the money which isn’t their right. Multiple anti-viruses are being manufactured to put a halt to this problem by making the users aware of the vulnerability they are at.  In this list on anti-malware softwares the most renowned ones are the Avast and Bitdefender. These two have been categorized as the top best anti-virus software and in this article, we will run a comparison of Bitdefender vs. Avast so that you can better decide what would work best for you.

What is antivirus?


An antivirus is basically software that performs in detail scans and effectively detects malware such as viruses and worms that have infected your system and then takes the necessary steps to eliminate them.  There are many software out in the market that give you a guaranteed protection from all kinds of malware and as a result stringently safeguard your files and documents but in all reality the mean protection count mounts up to 97% and not a perfect 100%.

These software not only secure your system and its files but also give you a secure online browsing experience. The online world is literally filled with malware which cause serious threats to your security when you are surfing online. In order to overcome this issue, you must invest in a good antivirus that includes the secure browsing tool for you which will set off huge red alarms when you stump on a malicious website online.

1.     The forever famous “Bitdefender”


The globally famous Bitdefender is an antivirus software that has claimed many awards including the famous Gold Award in the AV Tests. This software caters to malware issue on three major frontiers which are “protection, repair, and usability” and was tested on all three categories. Bitdefender aced all tests and won the prestige.

No matter which internet security software you use, it is constantly bombarded with multiple attacks on a daily basis. The antimalware software detects and identifies about 97% of these attacks and the lucky 3% are left undetected but the awesome thing is that the famous Bitdefender can detect all 17,794 attacks which were discovered through the test that was conducted on Windows 7. In addition to this, the speed of the system doesn’t matter if you are using this virus detection system while the various customization tools let you maneuver the software and you can use it as you want to.


The top perks of the Bitdefender software are as follows:

  • It can scan, detect and identify all types of malware as proven by the AV tests it aced. As mentioned above, good anti-malware softwares have a detection capability of 97%.
  • Bitdefender had the highest usability and protection score possible and surpassed all of its competitors in its repairing potential.
  • It includes a special parental control tool which lets you customize your system for appropriate use by your kids.
  • The software also has a virtual keyboard including a chat support which you can use to seek assistance in case needed.


Since we are comparing Bitdefender vs. Avast, it is imperative that we tell you about some drawbacks that Bitdefender has and they are :

  • Bitdefender is although a light software for Mac devices but is heavy on any PC.
  • The Bitdefender Software is a premium service for which you have to pay for. It will cost you $38.99 to purchase it. However Avast can be installed for free.

Although Bitdefender will cost you some money but it is literally worth every penny that you will spend purchasing it.

2.     Avast


Avast is also counted in the global famous and top antivirus softwares used across the world. It offers you multiple features and tools such as virus protection, gaming, secure online surfing to tackle security troubles, spam detection tool which will filter out malicious messages and emails and a file sharing system which will let you share files on a secure online system. Moreover, it also has a Safe Zone application which will let you work outside your system in a virtual mode in case there is any malicious item infecting your system so that you can keep your information safe.


Avast comes with following perks and advantages:

  • The safe zone secures and safeguards your identity and data from any malicious activity.
  • You can set up scanning schedules on your device at regular intervals which will then automatically scan your system at fixed times to detect viruses and all kinds of malware.
  • The Avast suite is equipped with all necessary tools that are needed for effective virus detection and protection from it.
  • It has the best support system and the customer help staff is always ready to help their clients under any troubles.
  • It can be downloaded and installed for free using Avast’s official website.


Even though the Avast package is full of beneficial tools, it still needs to improve in some of the following areas:

  • It doesn’t have any kind of parental controls or any other similar features
  • It cannot let you configure your profile or system setting according to how you want it
  • It brings a powerful impact on your device’s performance when its running its scans or when it searches for potential threats.

Bitdefender Vs. Avast- Decisions! Decisions!

There are some factors that you need to look into when you are making a decision on which antimalware software to opt for. The Avast antivirus package doesn’t require a penny and all you have to do is visit their official site and download it to enjoy its perks while the Bitdefender will require a purchase of the software at $38.99.

Bitdefender Vs. Avast- Decisions

The Bitdefender has a zero-day malware detection of 100% on Windows 10 essentially meaning that no matter how notorious a virus is, it cannot escape the radar of Bitdefender for which the Avast offers protection of 99.4%, it is essentially 0.6% less accurate then Bitdefender.

The general mean for antimalware identification of Bitdefender is 100%, simply signifying how accurate the detection capability Bitdefender is while Avast detects malware to an accuracy of 99.9%.

When it comes to false positives, Bitdefender has a score of zero while Avast stands at 13 in this regard and hence Bitdefender takes the lead here.

The special customization tool also falls under the score of Bitdefender and its package comes with a network security scanner that is secured by password. Bitdefender allows safe online browsing and the game mode gives you a profound gaming world experience which is made better with its virtual keyboard and the file shredder option. Avast also has all of these it just lacks the virtual keyboard and file shredder.

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